Apology regarding recent issues.

As you all probably already know, I had given Nintendo another person's vuln via the HackerOne program, and thus made an amount of money from it.
This was a huge breach of trust to that person, who I have since apologised to. As per Nintendo's ToS I cannot disclose the vuln or the amount of money made publicly, however the person has since talked to me regarding what has occured.
I do not wish for everyone to forgive and forget overnight, that'd be too much of a big change, it should take time, because yes, I did something bad.
$500 of the amount has since been donated to EFF, as per the person's wishes; some more will be donated to the Tor Project in time.
Please also note that no service I help out (Wiimmfi, RiiConnect24, or Project Kaeru) have benefited from this, and please note that what I did should not reflect on any of those 3 services.

The person of whom I used the vuln of will be making a post regarding this.

All I can really say is:

I'm sorry.